IIF wants to double
Infrastructure financing next year

IIF already agreed to a financing commitment of Rp 5 trillion
in late November, Sukatmo Padmosukarso, IIF president director,
said in a statement on Friday.

Equity Crowdfunding Market Entry in South Korea

Background Crowdfunding market in South Korea has been formed about 2 years ago, and expanded at a rapid growth rate. The government has lowered the entry regulations for platform agencies and encouraged foreign agencies to enter the market by specifically making a space in the qualification. However, none of the foreign crowdfunding platform has entered […]

Establishment of Foreign Law Firm in Vietnam

Vietnam: A Destination for International Business The Vietnam Government welcomes and supports overseas companies in establishing and investing in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment worldwide and the Government actively encourages foreign businesses to set up in Vietnam. For foreigners who are looking to expand their investment horizons, Vietnam […]

헤브론스타벤처스, 中 공인 액셀러레이터 대공방과 MOU

스타트업 투자 및 육성 전문 엑셀러레이터 헤브론스타벤처스(대표 김민욱)는 중국 대공방(大公坊)과 상호협력 양해각서를 체결했다고 밝혔다. 헤브론스타벤처스는 국내외 스타트업들에게 시드 펀딩, 멘토링, 컨설팅 및 해외 진출을 지원하고 있다. 대공방은 중국 심천에 위치한 메이커 전문기업으로, 중국 공인 민간 하드웨어 액셀러레이터로, 현재 중국 전역에 걸쳐 총 6개의 메이커 스페이스를 보유하고 있다. 메이커 스페이스뿐만 아니라 R&D 및 시드 투자 등 […]